New Orleans Golden Eagles

New Orleans Golden Eagles is a local chapter of Black Pilots of America.  The chapter was formed in 1993, dedicated to promoting education, exposing youth to the field of aviation and fostering the recognition of the contributions made by Blacks in Aviation.  Our diverse membership includes professionals in the fields of aviation, department of defense, engineering, technology, finance and petroleum.


Our parent organization, Black Pilots of America, Inc. (BPA, Inc.) is a non-profit flying organization that was established in 1997.  Membership is open to anyone who shares the aims and purposes established in the preamble of our Constitution and Bylaws and have a primary focus on providing an atmosphere for everyone to learn to fly and perhaps own airplanes.  Members include men, women and youth aviation enthusiasts from all walks of life and various backgrounds and experiences.  Chapters are located throughout the country and all interested potential new members are invited to contact a chapter official for additional information about joining the chapter.


New Orleans Golden Eagles (NOGE) has more than twenty active members and is a supporter of Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron SWR-LA-086.  In September 2003, we partnered with New Orleans Public Schools an its Signature School which included Aviation Career exposure in the curriculum.  NOGE members conducted after school classes twice weekly and on selected Saturday mornings for actual flight sessions.  This successful program continued until August 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the area.  It is our intent to offer reintroduce this valuable program once again to youth of New Orleans in the very near future.


Mission Statement